December: ハイキング

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“Haikingu” ハイキング is the Japanese word for “hiking.” In Japan, hiking is so popular because the volcanic archipelago is 70% mountainous. But, there’s no need to worry, as many of these volcanoes are not that active. says that these mountains have, “important religious and cultural significance, providing nothing short of a haven for outdoor sports enthusiasts.” Many high-ranked hot springs also happen to be nearby mountains, which naturally contribute to hiking being a very popular activity. This month, we will share three hiking trails of various difficulties with you, should you visit Japan and like to hike!

The first trail is Mount Mitake, a popular hiking spot that is close to Tokyo; located in the mountains of Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, it only takes two hours to reach Mount Mitake from the city. Mount Mitake is a fairly easy trail, and can be enjoyed by hikers of all levels.
Next is Nikko national park – which also happens to be a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) world heritage site – that is located in Tochigi prefecture. Here you will find countless hiking trails which range around mid-difficulty. Nikko is recommended for hikers of intermediate to advanced levels.

Mount Fuji is Japan’s tallest and most famous mountain, and this is because several hundred-thousand people hike it per year. Though these numbers are staggering, the hike up and down Mt. Fuji is a very long and difficult trek to make. It is located in Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures, and is most popular during the summer and early autumn. Advanced hikers will have the most ease climbing Mt. Fuji, but there are still some options that are easier and more casual – like the Kofuji and Hoeizan trails – for visiting this important landmark.

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