If you are unsure of which level you should take with our Japanese Language School, or would like to re-assess your level, the Society has four placement tests that can help you better determine your Japanese reading and writing ability.  They test your knowledge of kanji, grammar, and vocabulary using content from the actual textbooks used in the courses.

If you have no experience learning Japanese (whether formally or informally) and/or cannot read or write hiragana and katakana, please take 101 Prep.

  • The beginner level 1 placement test is for levels 101-103 and covers chapters 1-9 in the Genki I textbook. Download the test here (PDF).
  • The beginner level 2 placement test is for levels 104-201 and covers chapters 10-12 in the Genki I textbook. Download the test here (PDF).
  • The beginner level 3 placement test is for levels 202-204 and covers chapters 16-23 in the Genki II textbook . Download the test here (PDF).
  • The intermediate level placement test is for levels 301-304 and covers the first nine chapters of the Intermediate Japanese textbook. Download the test here (PDF).

Answer Keys 

You may use the following answer keys for each test for self-assessment. Scoring rubrics are included in each key so that you can place yourself in a level based on your score. For any inquiries regarding specific test questions, please e-mail us at [email protected] with the question and the test it is from.

Please keep in mind that these tests are designed as useful tools to help you determine your level. Ultimately, the choice of which class you should take is up to you. When choosing a class, other factors come into play – how fast you are able to learn, your speaking ability, your dedication, etc. If you would like a more personal assessment based on your own individualized history of learning Japanese, please e-mail us at [email protected]  or call (202) 833-2210.