Connect to Japan ·  あなたが日本を感じる場所

Our Vision 

A world in which Americans and Japanese of every generation value and contribute to the U.S.-Japan relationship. JASWDC will be a driving force in forging close ties between our two peoples. We will be the most comprehensive, visible, trusted, and accessible resource in the DC area, and your bridge to Japan.

Our Mission

From our local schools to our top political leaders, we support the US-Japan relationship through programs and partnerships that unite Americans around a shared interest in Japan’s vibrant culture.

Our Values

  • We are trusted stewards of the U.S.-Japan relationship, committed to mutual understanding and service to our community
  • We are friendly and welcoming to all who seek to advance their understanding of Japan and contribute to U.S.-Japan ties
  • We are good, reliable partners to other institutions
  • We operate with honesty, integrity, transparency, and the highest ethical standards