We are proud to offer a range of cultural events and programs throughout the year. From Networking Lunches in Japanese, to Izakaya Pub Quizzes and Otsukimi Moon viewing. Click below to learn more.

Networking Lunch in Japanese

Are you an intermediate to advanced Japanese language learner? Tired of studying by yourself or looking to improve your spoken Japanese skills?

JASWDC holds bi-weekly networking lunches in Japanese for members and non-members to participate from the comfort of their own homes! Each lunch is hosted on Zoom Meetings and focuses on a discussion topic, giving participants the chance to practice Japanese with native and advanced speakers.


The Japan-America Society of Washington DC annually partners with the U.S. National Arboretum to celebrate the ancient custom of Otsukimi: admiring the Harvest Moon. This year we are excited to present our reinvented Otsukimi celebration on September 4. More details to follow.


We hope to supplement the language and cultural needs of young children with Japanese backgrounds in the Washington DC area by offering Ohanashikai – ワシントン日米協会では日本語が理解できる会員のお子様(2歳~5歳)を対象に日本のお話や歌を教えるプログラムを開催しています。

Social Programs

Happy Hours – JASWDC holds happy hour/networking nights several times a year. Whether they are themed, such as our Tanabata Happy Hour held during the summer with yukata and kakigoori, or held in collaboration with other organizations such as the Japan Global Initiative (JGI) study abroad students, these events are designed to bring people with the same interests together to talk, mingle, and eat! The Society’s happy hours gather a wide range of people from different fields and backgrounds, but everyone has one thing in common: a connection to Japan.

Bonenkai/Shinnenkai – The Society’s Bonenkai, or year-end party (or Shinnenkai – New Year Party), is held to celebrate the passing of the current year and to welcome the upcoming one. The annual bonenkai brings together both JASWDC members and non-members alike.

Sake/Shochu/Whiskey Events – The world of traditional Japanese alcohol is one that is highly complex in nature. The production of sake, shochu, and Japanese whiskey is a combined narrative of Japanese and American history, art, agriculture, and a never-ending quest for beauty even in the smallest things. JASWDC’s sake, shochu, and whiskey events are both educational and fun – whether it is a tasting, a sake vs. shochu “contest,” or any other kind of program, we are sure to satisfy your palate.

Karaoke Events – Occasionally JASWDC will sponsor karaoke events at local karaoke boxes (with Japanese songs!) in Washington DC as an opportunity to meet new people and bring friends out to have a good time. These evenings include food, drink, and song – but you have to come ready to sing!

Izakaya Pub Quiz – Traditionally held in collaboration with the JET Alumni Association of DC (JETAADC) every summer, the Izakaya Pub Quiz is a spin on the traditional trivia games held at bars.

Partner Programs & Events

J-Book Club

The J-Book Club meets monthly to discuss both fiction and non-fiction books that are related to Japan in some way. Whether the book is about Japan/the language/its customs, is set in Japan, or was written by a Japanese author, the club brings together those who wish to marry their two interests of Japan (or simply other cultures) and literature.

J-Book Club is online so you can join the conversation from wherever you are!

To register or learn more, email Amy Sherman at: [email protected]

Dates for the next few months can be found on the Upcoming Events page.

Other Programs

As a Washington, DC-based organization, JASWDC works with several other local groups to help foster Japan-related programming in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Over the years, we have partnered with several other organizations to assist them with our own resources and abilities. Many of these programs happen annually:

  • Obon Festival at Ekoji Buddhist Temple
  • Otsukimi Moon Viewing with the U.S. National Arboretum
  • Tanabata Festival with the Hillwood Museum Gardens & Estate