December: スパー歌舞伎
(supa kabuki)

Super Kabuki is a form of modern Kabuki created by Ichikawa Ennosuke III, a famous Kabuki actor, in 1986. The first program was “Yamato Takeru.” In 2014, Ichikawa Ennosuke IV took over for Ennosuke III and acted in “Sorawo Kizamu Mono” and “One Piece” as Super Kabuki Second.

Super Kabuki uses a variety of techniques to entertain the audience such as projection mapping, water, fire, balloons, wired flight, and showers of paper flowers, among many others. There have been more than 80 Super Kabuki shows. As many of you may know, One Piece is not just a Super Kabuki show, but it was also registered in the Guinness Record as “Most Copies Published for the Same Comic Book Series by a Single Author.” If you want to know more about Kabuki and One Piece you should watch “Super Kabuki Second One Piece.”


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