Presented by the Japan-America Society of Washington DC in collaboration with NAJAS and the JUMP Program.

Each year JASWDC holds a Japan-US Military Program (JUMP) panel discussion at the National War College, inviting experts on the US-Japan relationship to share their views on a diverse range of topics and issues.

Now in our 5th year, the JUMP event stands in contrast to many of the Society’s Signature events and language & cultural programming. Through this event, we have the opportunity to interact with an audience separate to our regular membership – one comprised primarily of National War College students and Military affiliated individuals. As interest and attendance continues to grow, this event is something that we look forward to with growing anticipation each year.

JUMP Event 2020

US-Japan Partnership on Strengthening Economic Architecture in Asia

2020 JUMP Event Theme

In the six decades since the signing of the U.S.-Japan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security, the United States-Japan Alliance has served to underpin security in East Asia, leading to over a half century of relative stability and prosperity for the region. Beyond the alliance, however, is an economic architecture that has also played an important role in the region’s stability and prosperity. On October 15th, Japan-America Society of Washington DC will host Washington, D.C.’s annual Japan-U.S. Military Program event in partnership with the National War College, the National War College Alumni Association, the National Association of Japan-America Societies, and Sasakawa USA. The event will explore the role played in East Asian security by the region’s trade relationships and economic forums, aiming to help understand the interplay between economic strategy and broader U.S.-Japan strategic considerations for the region.

Event Overview

Ryan Shaffer
President, JASWDC

JUMP Program Overview

Peter Kelley
President, NAJAS

Welcoming Remarks

Rear Admiral Cedric Pringle
U.S. Navy Commandant, National War College

Security and Economic Architecture in East Asia

Major General Hiroyuki Sugai
Defense and Air Attaché, Embassy of Japan

Panel Discussion—The Role of Economic Architecture in East Asian Regional Security


Dr. Cynthia Watson
Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs, National War College


Ambassador Kurt Tong
Partner, The Asia Group

Dr. Mireya Solis
Phillip Knight Chair in Japan Studies Brookings Institution

Shinichi Saida
Minister of Economic Affairs, Embassy of Japan

Closing Remarks

Ambassador James Zumwalt
Chairman, JASWDC Board of Trustees

2019 Highlights

JUMP Event 2019

The US-Japan Alliance and Security in the Indo-Pacific Region

2019 JUMP Event Theme

Distinguished specialists on Japan, China, the Korean Peninsula,
Southeast Asia, and the U.S. Japan Alliance will discuss U.S. Japan
defense contingencies that impact U.S. forward deployed forces and
regional relationships. Dinner and reception will follow.

Welcoming Remarks

Rear Admiral Cedric Pringle
U.S. Navy Commandant, National War College

Major General Yoshiki Adachi
Defense & Military Attaché, Embassy of Japan


Dr. Cynthia Watson
Dean of Faculty & Academics, National War College


Ms. Emma Chanlett-Avery
Congressional Research Service

AMB Mark Lippert
Boeing International

Ms. Bonnie Glaser
Center for Strategic & International Studies

Mr. Chris Johnstone
Office of the Secretary of Defense

2019 Highlights