Japan US Military Program (JUMP) Event at the National War College: Panel Discussion & Dinner Reception


On Tuesday, November 17, JASW and the Embassy of Japan with support from Sasakawa USA and the National War College Alumni Association coordinated the region’s fall JUMP event. Formally called the Japan U.S. Military Program, the group reaches out to military service members and government civilians and invites them and their families to stay connected to the one thing they all have in common: at one point in their lives, they had served in Japan.

Hosting the event at the National War College, located at Fort McNair, was a fortunate opportunity to gather together current and past students of the institution as well as students hoping to go to Japan. Over 100 attendees gathered for a panel discussion titled “Potential Flashpoints for the Northeast Asia Region: Japan, China and US Perspectives,” where experts on each country explained their views regarding regional tensions and what might happen in the future based on current events. After a brief Q&A session with the audience, everyone moved to the lobby of the college to enjoy a dinner reception.

JUMP is organized into regional chapters throughout the United States. If you are a service member or civilian with past tour experience in Japan and would like to attend future JUMP events or know more about the organization, please visit the JUMP website.