On Monday, February 13th, a wagashi master from Matsukawaya Sweets held a tea ceremony-style event at JASWDC. Guests learned about the history of Matsukawaya Sweets, which was founded in Nagoya over 75 years ago. To this day, Matsukawaya uses the original family recipes alongside new creations that change with the seasons. Their creations are traditional wagashi made from azuki beans and chestnut that awaken all five senses.

Guests were able to watch the sweets being made and then were able to taste them! This was a historic event for ASWDC and for the US. Wagashi, traditionally made in Japan for the elite, has never been available in the US before. The only way a person can get this type of wagashi is to have a master come and make it for them.

Everyone was treated to a delicate sweet with cherry blossom tea. Following, they were served green tea and a second sweet. While the first wagashi, known as “raw” wagashi can only be enjoyed when made by a master, the second type of sweets are packaged and sold. They will be available during the Sakura Matsuri – Japanese Street Festival.

It was an honor to host a master sweets-maker during his first trip to the US! It was a one-in-a-lifetime experience that few people in the US have the pleasure of experiencing. We will be lining up to try his creations again during Sakura Matsuri, and we hope to see you there!

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