Part of the NAJAS/KKC Business Speaker Series



The fracking revolution that began a decade ago has drastically altered the geography and economics of global energy supplies. This revolution has led to a renaissance in oil and gas/LNG investment that few could have foreseen. The COVID-19 crisis has presented another severe—and unpredictable—disruption that has led to an unprecedented drop in the global oil and gas/LNG market. A drop this precipitous and sudden is unprecedented in the history of the energy industry worldwide. Join Japan-America Society of Washington DC for a moderated discussion with American and Japanese experts on energy business and governance.


Made possible by generous support from the Keizai Koho Center and the National Association of Japan America Societies.


Overview and Intros (10 Min)

Ryan Shaffer (Moderator), Japan-America Society of Washington DC


Japanese oil & gas business in US – Sumitomo’s Case

Hiroyuki “Bob” Takai, Sumitomo Corporation of Americas


Japan’s Consumer Demand and Global Competition

Nobuo Tanaka, Sasakawa Peace Foundation (former IEA Chief)


Future Implications—Business, Climate, Security

Samantha Gross, Brookings Institution


Moderated Panel Discussion (20 Min)


Audience Q&A (30Min)