Join us next Friday on July 24 to experience and learn about Japanese tea ceremony with Jennifer Swanson! The workshop will include a brief history of tea ceremony, a demonstration, as well as lessons on the culture and traditions associated with tea. You will also learn how to whisk your own bowl and how to “be a guest” at a tea ceremony.


Member $10

Non-member $20



For the full experience, please prepare a bowl, matcha and a bamboo whisk before the workshop.

Items to prepare:

Bowl: Prepare any bowl you have at home, there’s no need to buy a special bowl. The typical bowl size is around 5-9 inches wide and around 3 inches tall.

Matcha: Look for “ceremonial grade matcha” without additives such as sugar or powdered milk. A can is expensive, but if you like drinking matcha at home, you can keep it well sealed up and in your freezer for up to a year. There are many choices on Amazon, grocery stores, and local tea stores such as Teasim.

Bamboo whisk: Since the matcha is suspended in hot water, it’s vital to have a bamboo whisk. Find them on Teasim or on Amazon.

Jennifer Swanson has been a practitioner of Omotesenke Japanese Tea Ceremony for 8 years in the D.C. area. She has been demonstrating tea through her non-profit SJA (Study Japanese in Arlington) and doing a weekly Facebook livestream during lockdown to share her love of tea with the public.