Welcome to Explore the World of Sake Making, Sake Brewery Tour and Tasting by Hakutsuru from Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, the next installation of our Beyond Tokyo series! As a part of this month’s celebration of the Kansai region, this seminar will highlight Hakutsuru sake and its brewery!

Hakutsuru is one of the best-known Japanese sake brewers in the US and is enjoyed by people around the world. However, not many people know how sake is made and what differentiates each type of sake. In this seminar,  Hakutsuru will take you on a virtual brewery tour in Kobe, Hyogo prefecture and introduce three kinds of sake.

Join this one-of-a-kind seminar to learn more about regional Japan!

Thursday, September 23

7-8:30PM ET


**About the Sake Set**

The sake set includes three Hakutsuru sake : Hakutsuru 300ml bottles: the Superior Junmai Ginjo, the Draft saké and the Sayuri Nigori.

Tasting notes:

The Superior Junmai Ginjo (blue bottle)A flowery and fragrant saké with silky, well-balanced smoothness. Notes of blueberry and melon with well balanced flavors of pear and strawberry.

The Draft Sake (white bottle): Fruity yet dry in a classic style. Aromas of sweet rice, nuts and vibrant barely-ripe pear, with green melon and light cream on the palate.

The Sayuri Nigori (pink bottel): Sayuri means “little lily” in Japanese, apt for this soft, floral noted nigori. Hints of white grape and elements of cherry blossom create a lush, creamy saké.

**About Hakutsuru**

Founded in 1743 in the Nada district of Kobe, Hakutsuru is the #1 selling saké brand in Japan.

Elegant, thoughtful and delicious saké defines Hakutsuru, but tireless innovation places it in a class of its own. Whether it’s understanding water sources at the molecular level, building a facility to create one-of-a-kind yeast, or developing its own saké-specific rice, Hakutsuru Nishiki, it’s the deep dive into research and development that explains Hakutsuru’s ascension to the top of a centuries-old craft.

This event is part of the Beyond Tokyo series, which is presented by Sakura Matsuri 2021 – Year in Bloom.


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