As the Washington Metropolitan area COVID-19 lock-down restrictions are beginning to ease, we here at JASWDC hope that you and your families are able to begin (cautiously) venturing outside to enjoy our beautiful city once more.


Globalize DC is a non-profit focused on equipping the young people of D.C. with the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and experiences needed to succeed in an increasingly globalized world. They recently published Japan in DC, a full-color 128-page guidebook with student-written articles, as a new guide for exploring and drawing inspiration from the city during these very challenging times. Japan in DC is based on the writing, photography, and creative expressions of DC students who spent their summer exploring the presence of Japan in their own hometown.

Though the city is still transitioning from lock-down, Globalize DC encourages you to consider these outdoor activities:

Forest Bathing at the National Arboretum

“Humid and hot air, water drops from my forehead, It feels refreshing.”  – Krisza

A Few Moments of Reflection at the National Japanese American Memorial

“We thought about the past, and how terribly wrong this chapter in American history had gone. And we thought about how we must continue to try to repair these wrongs, and educate others so they don’t happen again.” – Alex

A Walk Around the Tidal Basin

“Struggles of the past are reminders of why we should be grateful every day, symbols of peace, anticipating the blessings the future brings.” – Asa M.

All proceeds from the sale of Japan in DC are used to support Globalize DC’s unique Japanese language and culture programs offered at no cost to DC public high school students. You may purchase the book here through the Globalize DC website.

Questions about Globalize DC, Globalize DC programs, or book purchases may be directed to Sally Schwartz at [email protected].