In October, 2016, the Japan-America Society, along with the National Cherry Blossom Festival committee, planted four beautiful cherry blossom trees – called sakura trees in Japanese – at the Mt. Pleasant Library. This was the third time JASWDC sponsored cherry blossom tree planting through the NCBF in the greater Washington, DC area. This was not the first time JASWDC has worked with the Mt. Pleasant Library. In fact, Japan-in-a-Suitcase teachers students about Japanese language and culture at the Mt. Pleasant Library each year. It was a pleasure for us to return to the library. With the addition of the four cherry trees, JASWDC now holds a permanent place in Mt. Pleasant.

JASW presented the library with two children’s books – Eliza’s Cherry Trees and Yuki’s Journey – about the Japanese gift of cherry blossom trees to Washington, DC and the 3/11 earthquake, respectively.

Two volunteers from Casey Trees, a DC-based urban forestry non-profit, taught us how to dig proper holes, prepare soil, and plant trees. As they grow and bloom the cherry trees will be a beautiful reminder for the students, families, and residents of Mt. Pleasant that JASW is the bridge between their local community and Japan. Visit the Mt. Pleasant Library in April to see the trees in full bloom and check out a book!

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