Brown Bag Talk
Change the World with Onigiri
TABLE FOR TWO’s World Food Day Campaign
JASW was proud to celebrate World Food Day with TABLE FOR TWO during our Brown Bag Talk, Change the World with Onigiri on Tuesday, October 20, 2015.  Attendees learned how TABLE FOR TWO is working to tackle obesity and hunger around the world. Their One Million Itadakimasu Campaign is not only helping people in developing countries with malnutrition, but also educating the world about eating right and fighting obesity. 

JASW members and staff took photos of themselves eating onigiri and then uploaded the photos to the TABLE FOR TWO’s website. With each photo uploaded to the TABLE FOR TWO website for the One Million Itadakimasu Campaign, several Japanese companies will donate money to TABLE FOR TWO to help fund healthy school meals for children in Africa and the US. TABLE FOR TWO believes they will be able to send five school meals to a child in need per photo.  

The One Million Itadakimasu Campaign runs from October 16 to November 30, 2015. Make onigiri at home or at work and upload the photos to fight hunger and obesity around the world!