Welcome to the Beauty of Minoyaki Sake-ware, a Gift from Gifu Prefecture, the next installation of our Beyond Tokyo series! As a part of this month’s celebration of the Chubu region, this online seminar will highlight Minoyaki sake-ware and sake from the Gifu prefecture!

Tuesday, July 27

6-7PM EDT (7-8AM JST)

Purchase Tickets

Non-Member: $5
JASWDC Member Sake-ware bundle: $30
Non Member Sake-ware bundle: $35
JASWDC Member Sake-ware + sake bundle: $71
Non Member Sake-ware +sake bundle: $80

Event Description

Ms. Reiko Hirai from DC Sake co. will give a short introduction of Tenryo Koshu Junmai Daiginjo, an aged sake made using flower yeast that originates from the Gifu prefecture. After we Kanpai, Ms. Tomomi Miyajima from TOKIYA JAPAN will lead a talk on Minoyaki sakeware, its history, unique shapes and designs, how to pair it with various sake, and show you classic ways of enjoying tokkuri and ochoko that were made during the Showa period (1926-1989).

Then, kiln master Tsuchimoto-san will livestream from his studio in Toki, Gifu, Japan to show us his Minoyaki production technique, craftsmanship, and current collections. The session is followed by a segment where Tomomi will moderate a Q&A with Kiln Masters from Toki and Tajimi – Your chance to ask questions directly to Minoyaki artists and craftsmen in Japan !

Join this one-of-a-kind seminar to learn more about regional Japan!

About the Sake-ware

For those of you who purchased a sake-ware bundle ticket, it will come with one special Minoyaki ochoko (worth $30) curated and selected by TOKIYA JAPAN. Motifs and shapes may vary and you can choose from a selection at the time of pick up.

About the Sake

Tenryo Brewery has more than 350 years of history. “Koshu” is brewed using flower yeast , and has a mild flower note with velvetie full-bodied flavor.





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This event is part of the Beyond Tokyo series, which is presented by the Sakura Matsuri 2021 – Year in Bloom.