In this month’s J-Book Club, dive into Tomohiko Morimi’s universe-jumping saga – The Tatami Galaxy. Our protagonist, an unnamed junior at a prestigious university in Kyoto, is on the verge of dropping out.

After rebelling against the dictatorial jock president of the film club, he and his worst and only friend, the diabolical creep Ozu, are personas non grata on campus. Our protagonist has made all the wrong decisions for two years, and now he’s about to make another mistake. He and Ozu are preparing for revenge–a fireworks attack at the film club’s welcoming party for new members. Then, a chance encounter with a self-proclaimed god sets the confused and distraught young man on a new course. Destiny will bring him together with Akashi, the blunt but charming sophomore he has a crush on–if he’s brave enough to make a move. Yet our protagonist cannot get beyond his profound disillusionment, and the moment is lost.

But what if there’s a universe where he did join the club of his dreams, ditched Ozu for good, and was confident enough to get the girl? A realm of possibility opens up for our protagonist as time rewinds. From the four-and-a-half-mat tatami floor of his dorm room, he is plunged into a series of adventures that will take him to four parallel universes. In each universe, he is given the opportunity to start over as a freshman in search of rose-colored campus life.

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