With wry humor, deep cultural insight, and an impressive capacity for malt liquor and black pepper potato chips, Ken Seeroi takes you through real-life tales of women in short skirts, men with no teeth, a friend’s suicide, a fight with a yakuza, and a maze of smokey back-alley bars throughout Japan.

This raucous, first-hand account is unvarnished Japan seen from the inside, detailed in fifty-eight astonishing stories. Inside: What to do after you get arrested; Dating versus having sex in Japan; How to get a job in Japan (and when to walk away); Renting an apartment as a “foreigner”; How to secure a visa, then not get deported; Why Japan’s safe, but not that safe; How to survive a massive earthquake; When to use Japanese, and when not to; Why you want a very small Japanese motorcycle; and The one thing you must never do in Japan.
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