This 5-week course (five 60-minute sessions) will be taught through a series of classroom activities in order for the students to hone their Japanese conversational skills that are applicable to real-life situations.


Tentative activities and topics includeウソを見破れ! (Two Truths and a Lie), フィラーにトライ!(speak more naturally with fillers), 日本語の発音とイントネーション (pronunciation and intonation in Japanese), 雑談力をみがこう (small talk with strangers), and ストーリーの説明 (storytelling).

Activities and topics used in this course typically require at least intermediate-high level (approximately JLPT N3) of Japanese. No textbooks required. This course will be taught entirely online via Zoom. 

Teacher: Sanshiroh Ogawa (Mr.)

Registration ends Sunday, January 31st.